if youre my friend and you buy a lot of lush things youre obligated to tell me all about your purchase its the rules

I'm tryna decide between two similar-ish lush products, do I ask for samples or is that frowned upon?? should I just make it known that I'm not sure and hope the sales assistant can hook me up? is it rude of me to even expect samples idk!! help! ty!

talk to a sales associate! they can demo stuff on you. if youre wondering more about long term effects, explain this to a sales associate and they can probably hook you up with samples. we want you to buy products youre in love with, products that are 1000% right for you. if youre not just using us to get free stuff like! we wanna help! we want to give you the tools to know that what youre buying is right for you. thats why we offer samples and thats why we have a somewhat lenient return policy

my wallet is not happy about how few hours i am getting at lush but my weak shitty body is

i was talking to one of my coworkers about dan and they were like “i think hes tumblr famous…” and i got offended

zayn makes me want to cover myself in purple paint and slow dance to survivor by destiny's child

honestly this is the most relatable feel…

my drunk baby brother called me and when i told him i got on the wall of fame at work he screamed “HOLY SHIT” in my ear

we dont deserve zayn


9.20 - iHeart Radio Festival 

what is this

today i closed for the first time (poorly) and also got put on our receipt wall of fame for selling a full haircare regimen :^)

hb sis :^)

hb sis :^)